Nuro The Delivery Auto-Robo, New Invest of Toyota And Its Partnerships

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As this world is changing rapidly, you may hear this name in near future more, “the Woven Capital”. This is a $800 million company which is very active in technology and innovation in mobility. This company was this year founded as the corporate venture capital investment arm of Woven Planet Group. Recently by cooperation with Toyota Research Institute, Woven Capital is working on a new mean of delivery with a combination of automated driving, robotics, smart cities, and more.


"Mobility to Love, Safety to Live" is the mission of this new work. The result of all the efforts of Woven capital and Toyota, would be the Nuro. Dave Ferguson, the Co-founder and President of Project Nuro, thinks this shape the future of mobility and improve people's lives.

Toyota Delivery Services

Nuro is going to be a very small vehicle with just one mission, delivering every day’s purchases. Nuro will has the latest technologies in the robotics field to improve our lives. This all-automated car, without any pilots is designed to deliver everyday goods to consumers ranging from groceries to pizza to prescriptions in a way that is quick, affordable, and most importantly, safe. This vehicle would change the local delivery systems and also effects other alike businesses too. George Kellerman, Managing Director, Woven Capital states:

Nuro has proven itself to be a true leader in autonomous vehicles for local goods delivery. Between their state-of-the-art technology and powerful partnerships with leading U.S. brands, they are revolutionizing everyday commerce―making it safer and more efficient

This user-friendly Auto-robo has already found its sale market. Kroger, Domino's, Walmart, CVS and other leading companies, which are very independent of delivery re doing the partnership with this project Nuro. So soon we would expect the bumble bee on the door to deliver the Pizza.

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