Nissan Roox Wins The Best Of Kei Cars in 2020-21

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Did you ever know we have Kei cars around the world and more surprisingly they have every year best Kei’s car competition? This time, the winner of 2020-21 “Kei Car of the Year” went to Nissan Roox to be the Kei car of the year in Japan. It can be a great decision as its not just a unique design but also its electric powertrain has significant effect on the emission.

Kei Cars are actually very small mini vehicles. This type of car has its own fans around the word specially in Japan. Since the city like Tokyo is one of the crowded cities around the word, having a Kei car is an opportunely. Specially if you have your needs around and more specially when you have a “Roox”. The judges for picking Roox up, has considers many options. For Roox the options of driving performance, comfort and advanced technology, including the ProPILOT driver assistance system, has big impact on the jury.

Nissan Roox, Kei car of year

This minicar by the ProPILOT technology has a new millimeter-wave radar that enables smoother long-distance driving on highways. Also by comparing it with its class, Roox offers drivability, safety and utility equivalent to that of a standard-size car.

Nissan is greatly honored to accept the award for Nissan Roox, voted on by the esteemed Japan Car of the Year jury. Following last year’s win for Nissan Dayz, this year’s award for the new Nissan Roox proves the strength of our Kei cars and their technologies. This will add to customers’ excitement about Kei cars, and it will inspire us to redouble our efforts to appeal to more customers

Asako Hoshino, executive vice president at Nissan claims.

By the way if this car wasn’t selected by the jury, the face of it shout out the engineering and weird work. Not just a good accelerate and decelerate is available for this car, the futuristic exterior design, with an elegant, roomy interior that offers ample space for passengers and luggage are also more positive points of car.

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