Nissan Ariya, New Technology, New Target And New Logo

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Nowadays electric car is on trend and every company tries to reveal some thing unique. Nissan is no exception. After several year having unfortune, Nissan wants to retrieve its horrible sales, so they have plans to introduce 12 new cars in the next 18 months. Nissan Ariya is one of these vehicles of this plan. Today Nissan introduced the Ariya, the car whit an actual name. this is an all-electric crossover.

2021 Nissan Ariya Rear

But it is not the single change. After years, this Japanese automaker introduced new logo not just for its products but also for its performance brand Nismo. This kind of changes have happened for many companies. They tried to be update and use some thing more fashionable. It seems, it is Nissan’s turn. First news about these changes was in march. Now after four months, here is it.

How Does It Look Like?

In this new logo the well-known Nissan’s circle is cut from the horizontal line and a bigger “Nissan” states in the middle of it. Its letters go across the circle. Another difference is the size of the lines. As we are now in the digital world, a flatter design suit it better. The artistic efforts like shades, shadows and other options which gave the logo a 3D appearance, are gone now. What is left, is a 2D picture which could be a reflect of computer screen or electric lines. The same thing happened for Nismo brand too. It is flatter in the design.

2021 Nissan Ariya Interior

This action is because of an emerging trend in the automotive industry. Last year, Volkswagen exhibited its new flatter logo. They said:” the start of a new era”. Of course, by these new technologies, the new era has come to the automakers. And this year, BMW did the same too. Although they faced so much criticisms, but it didn’t stop them to do it. The next one could be Kia.

By the way, this new logo has still its loyalty and carries the name of “Nissan” completely in the center and meanwhile, its really suits this beautiful Electric SUV.

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