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2021 BMW iX3 Specs Revealed With 285 Miles Of Range

BMW revealed its first electric SUV iX3 this week. The new electric SUV is based on the current generation of X3. BMW introduced its fifth-generation eDrive system for iX3

News July 19, 2020

Nissan Ariya, New Technology, New Target And New Logo

Nowadays electric car is on trend and every company tries to reveal some thing unique. Nissan is no exception and after several years having unfortune, Nissan wants to retrieve its horrible sales

News July 16, 2020

Make Way For BMW iX3 The First Electric SUV

Two years ago, at the Beijing Auto show, BMW introduced an electric crossover. Now on Tuesday, although this company was so late to do some SUVs from its companions, its iX3 is finally officially unveiled

News July 15, 2020