New Panamera Broke The AMG’s Record in Nürburgring

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Nürburgring, the place where is so popular in Auto industry and also the things that happens there is also so worthy for fans, companies and also press. Now, it was the time for the Porsche to hit this ring with its unique sedan, Panamera. This car with its platform was first in 2017 announced and till now is without any doubt the Porsche lover’s desire.

The Porsche company is actually considering some mid-cycle updates for Panamera to keep it ahead of the pack. The peeps are publishing new teaser campaign about the Panamera’s performance which was recorded on July 24. As most press confirmed it, this car is the fastest Porsche four-door sedan in the 'executive cars' category. Panamera hit the Mercedes AMG GT 63 record.

panamera at nürburgring

By the way it wasn’t the first time that Porsche recorded a better time in the rings. Back to 2019, Lion did it too. What was revealed for Panamera’s record Is 7 minutes and 10 seconds. But this numbers seems some how optimistic. So, with another observation which was done by an independent expert, Porsche had the record of 7:29.81. As the firm also said, this record is much more than enough for an executive car.

This new Panamera, did much better than the old version of it, which was also on the same road in 2016. Lars Kern was the driver of both cars and drive them in the same 20.6 km and 20.83 km layout in Nürburgring. Kern finished the shorter ring just in 7:25.04. by these times Porsche improved the record which was belonged to AMG GT 63 S.

kern drives the panamera

Porsche Panamera has some advantages like upgraded engine, and chassis. And also, the electromechanically roll stabilizer system did much better. Moreover, this car was equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. New derivative has more power and sharper steering. Any way the firm restrained to give technical information of its new Panamera. What they confirmed, is better body control and stability through the corners.

Company would reveal information at the end of the month. Then we would actually understand what special features made this car so powerful.

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