New Fun Soapbox With Hyundai’s Logo

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Covid-19 taught us a new form of living these days. Societies are giving new definitions for being in big communities, most people are working at home and some are stuck at home. This new situation made Hyundai gives new funny and exciting Ideas to not be board at home. Hyundai the maker of a car like Hyundai Tucson, which is the one of the best SUVs, wants to enthusiasm us at home. But how?

Hyundai Soapbox

If Tesla can have a Cyber Truck, why you can’t have a mini polyhedral single-seat vehicle at home? And what’s make it more interesting you make it by yourself. This the offer of Hyundai Motor Europa Technical Center (HMETC). This is actually a D.I.Y soapbox kit. The aim of creating such a thing, was to rise the quality of home staying. As the Vice President of Marketing & Product at Hyundai Motor Europe, said Andreas Christoph-Hofmann said:

In recent months, spending time together as a family has become more valuable to people. We wanted to create a fun project that would give families and friends an enjoyable project that brings them together

This 1-meter soapbox is made of wood, metal rods, and connecting materials such as brackets and screws. This simple design has the wheelbarrows wheel. You can control the car with its joystick. The brakes are just made of a simple mechanism. Despite of all the soapboxes which are produced for the children, this one is targeted to be for adults. So be the best parents ever and take tour around home while your kids are standing there watching you.


How to instruct it? Easy. The full instruction is available it the doesn’t share just the manual but also includes the list of materials. Take the advantage from your quarantine and expand your creativity.

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