Mercedes C-Class LWB, Exclusive Hood & Classical Grille

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A great program introduced by Mercedes Benz at Shanghai Auto Show in China, where it goes differently when the EQS and the EQB electro-duo and the CLS facelift also presses the long-range distance class. The suffix "L" with proper wearing of the luxury sedan rises against the locally generated BMW 3 series, which was created locally and Audi A4. It was also stretched for the additional non-slip screen.

2021 Mercedes C-Class long wheelbase

The signals that deal with the Chinese C-Class L aren’t just the larger wheel base and larger rear doors. The classic design of the front lattice is noticeable. That is not the only part, Mercedes keeps alive the tradition of the jewellery of the long-term bell. It also dares to say that it looks pretty elegant. Another car with a state-of-the-art appearance was brought into Shanghai's scenario. This was in the same style as the global Class C Standard-wheelbase.

Inside & Outside

However local reports say that the wheelbase measures a generous 2,954 millimeter (116.3 inches), Mercedes does not come in details about the size of the automobiles. As a result, makes it 89 mm (3.5 in.) longer than that of Class C International W206. The total length was thrived with 4,882 mm (192.2 inches), which represents an increase of 131 mm (5.1 inches) on the standard sedan.

2021 Mercedes Benz C-Class interior

The "L "on logo stylized in the back column is more designated its exclusive model of the republic of peoples. The interior was substantially transferred from Global C-Class, the high-end version is accurate. Mercedes also sells the last C in some parts of the world in a lower specification without the S-Class XXL touch screen. The fact that you see the 11.9-inch screen for a more compact 9.5-inch configuration, which is connected through separate and capacitive key climate controls.

In the assist beyond the optional extra freedom, you can see particular changes. Mercedes has installed fancier seats in the C-Class L, separated by a wider middle arm with built-in cup holders and USB ports. The interesting part is to note that the Chinese variant has a more absorbed material to allow a more silent cab which has also contributed to a pleasant suspension configuration. The C-Class L enters its sibling limousines in China, in which Mercedes also sells a class L (available with a hot version AMG A35) and a class E L, along with a crossed GLC intersection sold.

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