Mercedes Benz Sideguard Assist, A Life Saving Feature On Its Trucks

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Since there are heavy-duty trucks on the city streets among other cars, controlling and driving them can be a bit of challenge. Especially when it comes to turning maneuvers. So that is why the Mercedes Benz trucks need the Sideguard Assist feature to aid them.

How does it work?

The German company’s trucks which are equipped with the mentioned feature, use a process consisting of some stages and visual/audible signs, as they try to warn the driver about cyclists, e-scooters or pedestrians. The system can warn the driver about any possible obstacle in the radar monitoring zone, which is placed on the co-driver’s side. This system has been present on some of Mercedes Benz’s trucks (like Actros, Arocs and Econic) since 2016. It has been extended to many other models since 2019.

Mercedes-Benz Sideguard Assist

Andreas Wallfeld, the head of the marketing, sales and services department of the company says:

We are very pleased that more and more customers put their trust in Sideguard Assist from Mercedes-Benz Trucks and are giving their drivers this important safety assistance system. In most European markets we have been seeing a positive trend for years. The greatest demand this year is in Germany and Switzerland, where around 85 percent of the Actros models for which the system is available have already been ordered with Sideguard Assist

Some of the models cannot be currently equipped with this feature, so Mercedes Benz Genuine Accessories offers it to truck drivers. For the upcoming June, the company has decided to introduce Active Sideguard Assist. This assist can automatically activate the brakes in case of need.

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