Meet Kandi K27, The Cheapest EV In The U.S

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Kandi Technology Group unveiled a new EV car for the U.S market dubbed as the K27. Kandi K27 is a small compact car using a 17.69 kWh battery pack and offers a driving range up to 160 km per single charge. The chinese based automaker hasn't released any horsepower or torque figures yet and all we know is that Kandi K27 prices start from $20,499. According to the federal tax credit, buyers only have to pay $12,999 which makes the K27 the cheapest EV in the United States.


Kandi will also sell another model called the K23. Kandi K23 uses a bigger 41.4 kWh battery and can travel 290 km with a single charge. The starting price for the K23 is $29,999 which drops to $22,499 by federal tax credit.

Kandi K27

Both models have simple asian style design language without any sort of dynamic or luxurious. Inside the cabin both Kandi models feature an infotainment screen and leather steering wheel.

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