Mack MD Electric Truck Revealed With 230 Miles Of Range

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The new MD Electric medium-duty vehicle has been unveiled by Mack. Class 6 and Class 7 ratings, as well as five various wheelbases ranging from 5,232 to 6,858 mm, will be offered for the MD Electric. A cab with an air suspension and an air ride seat, as well as a maximum payload capacity of 8,800 kg, are further highlights.

The Mack MD sports a front fascia that is recognizable and features a grille bearing the Mack logo, making it practically identical to its diesel-powered predecessor.

Mack MD

A rear-mounted electric motor with a continuous output of 185 horsepower and 1,300 Nm of torque is powered by the battery. When things get rough, those figures reach a peak of 260 horsepower and 2,505 Nm.

Large batteries are required for large trucks, and Mack clients have access to 150- or 240-kWh lithium-ion battery packs. According to the manufacturer, the latter should allow for a 370 km range for the vehicle.

Due to the truck's limited DC fast charging capacity of 80 kW, which implies a 'quick charge' takes between 100 and 160 minutes, owners may wish to give up. It is, however, speedier than using the 19.2 kW AC charging capacity, which will recharge the battery in 6 to 11 hours.

The Mack MD Electric will be produced in Virginia later this year, and the manufacturer highlighted that the model will not be subject to the heavy truck excise tax of 12 percent.

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