Lordstown, Pioneer Of Electric Van, Its First All-Electric Truck To Be In June

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As electric vehicle spreading every where, Lordstown Motors also announced its new electric Truck. This company has claimed that the up coming truck would be on the same platform as endurance pickup, its other truck. All details are not revealed yet, but what we know is that its going to be a low ground clearance truck with all-wheel drive system.

The first E-Vans of Lordstown comes in June in a limited number but after a while in the second half of 2022 it going to be produced in a wild range. What has company confirmed now, is the motor of this Truck. It will have the same motors like Endurance, which has a combined output of 600 hp and also hits 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds. Moreover, when it comes to the costs, Lordstown tries to keep the price competitive.

priced competitively with comparable internal combustion-based vans

Lordstown Endurance

Also, there are some reports that shows this firm has already started the metal stamping and welding for 57 Endurance Beta prototypes. So, it is expected to see the first ones in March. Some of these prototypes are going to use for “crash, engineering and validation testing.” And some others for customers for the feedbacks. Steve Burns, CEO of Lordstown added:

Indicators of strong demand for an all-wheel drive, full-size electric pickup truck with 250 miles (402 km) of range from commercial, government and military fleets

This company seems, is looking forward to be the first ones that make an All-electric RV. All the experiments now on the big Trucks and Vans, could be the fundamental of the next electric RV.

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