Lewis Hamilton On The Wheels Of Mercedes AMG One In 2021

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March is here and Formula 1 is warming up. All the fans know this is a new season. Also, automakers are aware of this enthusiasm. Mercedes AMG took it as an opportunely and uncovered its AMG One Hypercar. This company did it with help of the winner of seven-time champion of F1, Lewis Hamilton.

Mercedes AMG One has passed all regulation of street vehicles. this could be the most satisfied car for the speed lover like sir Lewis Hamilton. Just like his racing car, AMG One has a turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 engine. This engine tolerates 11,000 rpm. Of course, a joint-strike-force of four electric motors which is a package capable of putting down four-digit horsepower, is used along the gasoline engine to give it a boost.

mercedes AMG one

What Hamilton sensed from AMG One’s engine, is the sound between his W12 racer and this hypercar. Just imagine you have a hyper car, which has the same feeling like the F1 and you drive it to home. AMG One has every chance to obliterate track records at the Nurburgring Nordschleife and other prominent circuits in the automotive industry. Other aspect of this vehicle is its convenient. As Hamilton states the vehicle blends F1 performance with the comfort of any AMG road vehicle.

This AMG has all the things you expect from every Mercedes. The interior brings comfort. If you are like Hamilton crazy for good music, just play it and enjoy. We also had a chance to listen his taste of music.

So, if you are convinced to buy one of these, be aware, the release will be beginning later this year. just 275 units of Mercedes AMG One will be produced so hurry up. Pack your $3 million and register your order.

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