Japan Puts An End To Fossil Fuels By 2030s

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Global warming, this big hazard, has frightened almost every worthy country around the word. This effect has some consequences on the Auto industry. By stabilizing the emission produced, community tries to stop ices from melting. But it seems stabling the amount of pollution wont work much effective. As a result, some more restrict regulation may come specially for Japan which targets vehicles.

In one report by Reuters, Japan has plan to stop sales of new gasoline engine cars in mid 2030s and even one more step further for 2050 t be the second G7 country of zero emission producer. It is very important to lead the investment to lower carbon emissions car like electric ones or hybrid models.

Already Japan has forced its local automaker like Toyota Motor Corp with greater research and development resources, could use electric vehicle technology they have already developed at home. Also, the Nissan company claimed they joined the global trend and in fives years to 2030 would start their phase-out date for new petrol- and diesel-powered cars and vans.

By 2030, its is expected to have more than 55% electric cars in Japan. but on the other hand, some other Japanese automakers preferred to stay silence about the impacts of this decision and also their strategy to cope with new condition. Toyota, Honda Motor Co, Nissan and its alliance partner Mitsubishi Motors Corp declined to comment.

The contrives which are a part of game are Britain, parts of the United States and Canada, Norway and Germany, and now Japan.

Source: www.reuters.com
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