IM Zhiji Unveiled Two New Model, All-New EV Car By SAIC

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IM Zhiji is a new car brand launched by the Chinese automaker SAIC. IM stands for “Intelligence in Motion”. The main reason for this naming is that SAIC is going to focus on smart cars as one of the sources who is in charge of Zhiji Auto mentioned:

The mass-produced version of the smart pure electric car will accept global reservations during the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year. The first new car is expected to be launched at the end of this year and delivered to users next year. The smart pure electric SUV will be available in 2022. Go public

As SAIC noted, all cars under IM brand will use a 93kWh battery pack as standard. Flagship top trims will be powered by a 115 kWh battery pack that said is enough for near 1000 km of driving range. These cars will use the world’s first silicon-doped lithium batteries.

One of two new IM models is an all-electric B-segment sedan and the other one is an all-electric SUV. the sedan model measures 5,000 mm long, 1,960 mm wide and 1,485 mm tall.

IM Zhiji

The automaker also claims that the driving range won’t drop within 200,000 km of mileage. Other new features on the car are NVIDIA Xavier (30~60 TOPS), 15 high-definition vision cameras, 5-millimeter wave radars, and 12 ultrasonic radars. The ultra-wide angle cameras also offer 150 million pixels.

Inside the cabin, there is also a 39-inch touch screen that can be intelligently divided and lifted according to the use scene. Both luxury electric cars are expected to enter the market by 2022.

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