Hyundai Joined The Zero-Emission Club, No More ICE By 2035

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Gradually, world is omitting the internal fuel combustion engines and are phasing to electric. Hyundai is also loke other automakers follow the role. This company has announced by 2035 there will be no more ICE for Europe and also by 2040 no more any kind of gas /gasoline fuel engines. This announce was done just in the time that the bounded brand Kia announced its new Concept EV9.

Actually, the European union in the terms of Zero-Emission movement is pioneer. Even south Korean the mother land of many automakers is scheduling for 2045 to say good bye to all the gasoline fuel every kind of moving vehicles.

The most important concern for every one is that the batteries need electricity which are produced by the powerplant and the pollution and hazard is even higher and poisons than cars emission. That issue has also answer. By 2030 many just renewable energies would be used and local sites uses green energy by 2040. Even now the company's factory in Slovakia uses only green energy. Kia will phase to the Electric cars totally by 2030 too.

The EV9 concept is just a beginning for company. It’s a large SUV which “embodies Kia's commitment to achieving carbon neutrality” . In some years it would be a productive vehicle.

Other automakers like Jaguar will be all electric by 2025, then we have Ala Romeo with a electric future by 2027. There are many others which will say good bye to ICE by end of decade, Lotus, Opel/Vauxhall Ford, Volvo. And later it’s time for Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Mini, and Cadillac.

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