How To Make Your Car Smell Good For A Long Time

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Maintaining a clean car smell is difficult. Being forced to drive in an offensive vehicle can be unpleasant. The family dog, a road trip full of fast food, and a car can quickly get nasty. What then should you do if the smells persist? Chemical air fresheners may only sometimes be secure. Problematic components like volatile organic compounds can be found in many air fresheners and deodorizers, including those adorable trees that hang from mirrors (VOCs). VOCs are manmade chemicals that can remain suspended in the atmosphere, which contributes to the lingering scent of pine.

Fortunately, using these simple, inexpensive DIY car freshener techniques, you can safely prevent your car from smelling like a wet dog.

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Use coffee beans

Place some coffee beans in a fabric bag, then secure it. Deodorizing qualities can be found in coffee beans. Coffee beans not only smell good, but they also absorb smells. To eliminate unpleasant odors, try storing a small quantity in a mesh bag. Sometimes swap them out to keep things interesting.

Use baking soda

Baking soda spreads pleasant smells while neutralizing unpleasant ones. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and seats and leave it there overnight to start working at the smell's cause. The following day, vacuum it up and get rid of the trapped odors at the same time.

Keep the inside clean

The ideal inexpensive DIY air freshener is made with dryer sheets. Upholstery should be cleaned with dryer sheets. This will maintain a fresh scent in your automobile, particularly as the weather heats up.

Use some perfume

You can keep the perfume you like on the dashboard and spray it on some surfaces like the center console or the roof mat. Just make sure that it shouldn't leave any visual print on the surface. Especially if your car’s interior is bright, make sure that the perfume is not oily type so it can cause leave some visual patterns.

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