Green City, With Skoda E-Scooters And Sharing Cars

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When world is fighting for the oil or new aliens, Skoda is moving forward to a more environmentally friendly transportation. This company by cooperating with the Czech Republic transportation department, gave a new meaning to the traveling across cities. This act was done by the mobility app.

This is a collaboration between ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab and Czech rail and coach operator RegioJet. This program is suited for every one especially for those how don’t own a car. in fact, the app user chooses its travelling option and book for it and email with a code is sent to him/her and finished. You are ready to go. The range of options for vehicles as also so wide. The options are BeRider eScooters, buses, trams, the metro, rental bikes, taxis and ride-hailing services.

Skoda eScooters

Also, RegioJet and DigiLab have then incorporated the HoppyGo private peer-to-peer car-sharing service in a similar way. HoppyGo was introduced in 2018. It connects the users with vehicles which are parked around the city and available for rent. The users of the HoppyGo register with a low Fee and then they can rent a car. after the car was found, they use the shared car and then park it in the allocated space. Easy no??

In fact, Prague has debuted from the 2019 the BeRider eScooter. This way of transportation helps renting a small electric scooter and go around the city. Just in 2 year, eScooter found its 80.000 users and also 500.000 Km is covered by them.

This is really a clever solution not just for environment but also reduces traffic jams, and attract tourists too. Get what you need in a low price, have leisure and reach your destination.

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