Geely Preface Commercial Staring With BMW M4, AMG C63, And Panamera

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Some years ago, Geely was just a car making company. But this Chinese automaker has shown a great perseverance these years. Their ambition moved them forward. And the time has proven that when Geely puts a target they try hard to achieve it just like their Concept Icon SUV with a boxy shape, which is now a production compact crossover. Some days ago, this company released a new advertisement. It seems that they want to fly with the German Eagles.

Back in 2019, Geely revealed a Geely Preface concept and revealed the 2021 Geely Preface couple of days ago. That has a sport shape and is built on the CMA platform. Now this concept is a real car which touches the spiral mountain roads. This advertisement has 3 superstars. The BMW M4 (F82), Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe and Porsche Panamera. These German companies just having fun around. But the Geely Preface comes from nowhere and challenge them.

As the story line goes, German cars passing away a dressed man holding a helmet, without even noticing his existence. But just a few seconds later, this guy with a Preface, passes the BMW M4, like a piece of cake, then it’s the time for Mercedes-AMG C 63. It seems that Mercedes doesn’t do anything to prove itself to Geely. And the last car is Porsche Panamera. It is actually like a fairy tale if Geely passes the Porsche. So, be ready to see it in this advertisement.

Even though that the director tried hard to show the Geely the winner, but this story has a big goof. How could the Germans arrived the destination sooner than the Geely , if Geely put the behind? By the way, German’s in this advertisement were too generous to keep a space for Geely, and let it to join them. And at last you see “CMA” on the Geely model. Volvo XC40 and Xingua use the same platform.

By the way, don’t forget that this is a advertisement. But as Geely proved, this sedan could be the next Geelys super car which could be in the range of the best cars. We should wait for more details and the reaction of Germans could be interesting. Do they take it serious or just an unachievable ambition?

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