Geely Farizon FX Pricing Accounced, Half Pickup, And Half SUV

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Geely recently introduced a new car called Farizon FX based on its own Boyue Pro model. Farizon FX is a very odd and unusual car because it is a crossover in the front half but from the D-pillar, it is a pickup truck. While the front half of the Farizon FX is identical with the Boyue Pro its rear part is so unique.

Because of small space, the Farizon FX is not a very practical pickup but Geely tried to make it better by using a wooden flor and retractable cover for the bed.

Farizon FX

The interior design of Farizon FX also seems very similar to Geely Boyue Pro and probably one of the main highlights of the cabin is a fully digital instrument cluster. There is also a flat-bottom steering wheel which is not a common option for a pickup car.


Farizon FX uses a 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 184 hp. While there is no 0-100 figure yet the company said that Farizon FX has a top speed of 150 kph.


Pricing for Farizon FX starts from $18,747 in china and reaches to $20,244 on the highest trim available.

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