Geely Is Going To Build A Crossover Pickup!

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Farizon Auto, a Geelys sub-brand automaker introduced a new segment of cars, as you can see in the picture, a crossover Pickup! This new model is called FX and is designed based on Geely Boyue Pro SUV.

Geely will release the FX in the Chinese domestic market by the end of this year. Farizon FX and Boyue Pro almost have an identical design from front end till the D-pillars, but at the rear section there is a small truck bed.

Geely Farizon FX

In terms of size the Farizon FX is 4905 mm long, 1831 mm wide, 1713 mm tall and its wheelbase is 2670 mm. The truck bed size is also 1125 mm long, 1230 mm wide and 460 mm depth which is considered as a small space compare to other pickups.


Under the hood, FX uses a 1.8-liter Turbocharged gasoline engine with 184 hp, same as what we have seen on Boyue Pro. this engine can gives the ability to FX to reach the top speed of 150 kph.

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