Ford GT Le Mansory By Mansory!

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Mansory made a big upgrade on the latest generation of American iconic supercar Ford GT as a new tuned supercar named Le Mansory.

Obviously the most significant change for Ford GT is the wide aggressive body kit which widened the car by 5 cm. The whole body kit is made out of carbon fiber and includes a new hood, different headlights with aggressive design, larger air intakes, aerodynamic canards, side skirt, roof-mounted scoops, carbon fiber mirror caps, new fenders, and a massive rear wing. Mansory also installed its 21-inch forged alloy wheels on Le Mansory. One of the most key changes for Fors GT is the new triple tailpipes in contrast with the cars’ stock twin tailpipes.

Ford GT Mansory

Inside the cabin, there are some changes include sport seats with Alcantra wrapped dashboard.

Mansory also played with the engine control unit to gain some more horses from a 3.6-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine. While on the standard configuration, the engine can pump out 647 hp and 746 NM of torque, Mansory upgraded these numbers to 700 hp and 640 NM of torque.

Ford GT Mansory

The German tuner mentioned that the power upgrade increased the Ford GTs’ top speed from 348 kph to 354 kph.

There is no details about pricing but as the production is limited to only three units we can expect a number matched with the horsepower.

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