Ford Evos Interrupts The Lid Just Like SUV With A Unique Screen

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Eventually Ford Evos arrived at Auto Shanghai after a long time of rumours and spies. This machine is a Family car of the survey segment created as mix between a car and a SUV, just like the Citroën C5 X. It represents the first product of the blue oval, which is developed to a large extent by a team in China here it is available from the first and creates by the joint company Changan Ford.

2021 Ford Evos

Inside & Outside

This is a pretty five-door car with a front fascia reminiscent of another Chinese focused model, which recently introduced Ecuador SUV. The splashed door handles remind us of Mustang Mach-E, and it seems more like a high mountain car for us, while Ford says that the side profile is a coupe SUV issue. Also, the light bar on the clamp gradually starts creating a design trend for changing a visual connection between the execution lights of the LED tag.

A huge deduction of current Ford designs is its interior which is using an ultra wider screen extending 1.1 meters (3.6 feet). A completely digital group of instruments has 12.3-inche sizes and is connected to a 4K resolution touch screen that measures with a 27-inch root. As well as what they find in a Honda E, where there are five screens from side to side, they guests in the same piece of giant glass, almost wide as a dashboard. The Infotainment software works on localized synchronization + 2.0 Ford of Baidus to Tech and what the company refers to a virtual personal assistant. As Mustang Mach-E and F-150, Evos supports excessive updates, which means that the SUV wagon improves with future software versions without having to accept a car to retailers.

Ford Evos Interior

Even though it's generally held the Ford Evos will depart on to substitute the Mondeo in Europe and the Fusion in North America, the accessibility information outside grassroots democracy are scarce. According o the model's name which shows the meaning that the EVO concept of 2011 is considered in which the style direction of the outgoing medium-sized sedan is in view.

However the vehicle is expected to be sold all over the world with a hybrid unit, the technical specifications are confused with a secret. This version we are describing here is an edition equipped with each and every one the bells and whistles, together with complementary ginger accents inside and outside. Ford Evos is on 19-inch wheels and has a two-sided body with a white model connected to a black roof.

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