Farewell To Subaru BRZ, What Can Replace Its Empty Place?

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In 2012 Subaru BRZ was for the first time offered to the market, but now it seems that its Japanese makers wants to put an end to this car. It was for the first time announced on the Subaru’s Japanese website that “We have closed the build-to-order manufacturing order for the models listed.” This means that company is no longer accepting orders for the sports coupe and just existing stocks are available. Despite of this news on Subaru’s website, the spokesperson refused to give any more information about it.

Subaru BRZ

This retirement was not an unexpected surprised. This company released the final Edition of this car in March 2020 as the last model of this coupe in Germany. Anyway, some criticizers think this decision was so wise. Subaru has stocked to just one model for a long time and it was the time to let it go and present a new vehicle.

Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86

Toyota GT86 Takes Place Of BRZ

We are now speaking of the Subaru BRZ twin, Toyota GT86. As Toyota GT86 is produced in the same factory that BRZ is, it was too critical that this decision affects the existence of 86 or not? There is some good news that new 86 will not just be ready for the 2021, but also by the help of BRZ is more powerful and easier to drive.

New Engine

There is not much information about it, just some gossips. But what is probable is a variant of Subie’s 2.4-liter turbocharged engine under the hood. This choice makes the new Toyota 86 to have power of 217 to 255 horsepower. As Tetsuya Tada says, they want to make new 86 even better to drive than the Supra. The current engine gives a 205-hp output.

 Subie's 2.4-liter turbocharged boxer engine

On the whole, we shouldn’t be worry about BRZ, while 86 could fill the emptiness of BRZ in sport cars world. But for now, we don’t expect them to be on sale until 2022.

Source: www.subaru.jp
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