Electric Era, Soon Is Here, More than Ever EVs In Europe

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As we are going too fast to the warmer earth, more polluted seas and many environmental disasters, European are trying to make change. For the first time in the history, green cars are sold more than diesel ones. Who could ever guess that oil as a source of energy for the vehicles will have an alternative very soon? As Jato reports, from every 4 cars sold in Europe this September, one of them was hybrid, plug-in or electric car.

Although it was a very hard year for all global markets and cars market lost 29% sale in compare with the 9 months ago, the sale of electric Vehicles, Hybrid or plug-ins are raised very fast. The whole market has just 1.2% growth in September but as the demand for green cars are getting more and more it has 139% increase. As JATO diagram shows, the number of Diesel cars has dramatically reduced. That is an evolution which happened very sooner than it was predicted.

Jato track diagrame of numbre of all types of green cars sales

Just one year ago about 60 percent of the market’s cars were gasoline but now 25% of them are fully electric and 25% also are hybrid. Some companies reacted to the changes very late but even though, they could find their way in the electric world. VW is one of them. Last month Volkswagen submitted 40,300 electrified cars in Europe. That is a big success for this German company. Now it flows just Toyota as the second Largest EV seller.

VW ID4 new Electric car

As mentioned before, low emition cars are becoming more and more popular. Toyota and Lexus have occupied 32% of the EV market. Then Ford, Suzuki, Fiat and BMW. By the way as the variety of Toyota cars are a wide range, the number of most sold cars goes to Ford Puma then the Fiat 500 and the Fiat Panda (whose hybrid version counted for 59% and 41% respectively). All of them has the City-car applicant.

Where is Tesla? It seems that European wants just European. Though Tesla is the pioneer of EV, but Volkswagen cars are the Europe’s top-selling BEV maker. Also, Mercedes-Benz was the number one in field of plug-in hybrid segment. Volvo and BMW take the second and third place.

Source: www.jato.com
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