David Beckham Donuting With Levante, He Is Ambassador for Maserati

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Last year wasn’t a good year for Maserati. This Italian Automaker was on hard situation, loosing the market to others and also loosing the company to the Fiat Chrysler. Although this automaker has the “accept no boundaries” as the main inspiring motto, but it seems there are boundaries here. This is the exact time that David Beckham, the beloved former soccer player, comes to the battle field to fight for Maserati. He is the Ambassador for Maserati.

David Beckham is the British footballer. He acts on the advertisement with a metallic red Levante.

Surprisingly, this vehicle, which is actually a whole cooperation car, does the donuts with the “accept no boundaries” massage. But behind the scene, Maserati shares many components from other famous automakers. For example, on the Ghibli Hybrid is the same four-cylinder turbo which is in Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, Alfa Romeo Giulia, and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

The Levante is another questionary vehicle. This vehicle and the Maserati Ghibli sedan (and even Maserati Quattroporte) use many parts of Fiat Chrysler. Maserati is not independent! That means boundaries. Also, MC20 has nothing in compare with the six-cylinder engine, not a proper V8, a high-revving V10, or a screaming V12 as Ferrari utilizes in the 812 series and limited-run Monza.

Even more, this company couldn’t post the 15-percent profit margin set by Fiat Chrysler’s high-ranking executives. It seems that market is swallowing Maserati. But still, there is hope. The new EV from this automaker will in 2023 be the hero of company.

traditional Maserati driving dynamics and performance, unique driving modes, extended range, and ultra-fast charging capabilities.

For now just calm down, and enjoy the donuts.

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