China Recalls Three BMW Models Over The Safety Risks

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BMW China Automobile Trading Co. will recall many 4 series, X4, and X5 models over a safety risk that is stated by State Administration for Market Regulation. The recall is caused by an assembly error during the production process. Due to this failure, the steering shaft fixing bolts are not tightened enough to be properly fixed. This failure can generate extra noise inside the vehicle and it can cause loss of control of the steering which is a serious risk.

This failure can be seen in all BMW X5 and X7s that are built from September 7, 2020, to September 17, 2020. A total number of 19 cars are involved in this recall.

BMW (China) will check the vehicle and if the bolt is not tightened they will replace the steering shaft and steering constant velocity universal joint.

The second recall is for BMW 425i and 430i that are built from June 16, 2020, to December 2, 2020, totaling 71 cars.

These cars may have an incorrect adjustment of the software parameters of the front seat side airbag. Due to this problem, the airbag may react with delay in case of side collision that cab put passengers life at risk.

BMW China will provide free software programming for all these cars in order to eliminate any safety risk.

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