BMW Open-The-Air Update, Free Download For 750,000 Customers

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Assume that you are relaxing on the coach and watching your favorite movie. Your car is parked at the garage. Then you decided to go around with it. Start the engine and this is it! Your cars software is updated. This is the Over-The-Air (OTA) update technology. This Idea was used in 2012 by Tesla motors. Now in 2020 BMW is joining the club. As the company announced there is a free OTA update to more than 750,000 cars in markets around the world.

Although OTA technology is created in less than 10 years ago, the famous companies are looking at it like an opportunity. Today, in addition to Tesla, other companies such as BMW, Ford, GM and others also use this technology. moreover, more firms will offer it in a short time.

BMW OS 7 and the Remote Software Upgrade tech opened a new gate to update the existing features and also introduce new ones. the Apple CarPlay has been available for several models of BMW, but by the updates more is coming. One of the updates is the map update. You can consider it as “entirely new navigation experience.” As the company claims, by using the real time information’s and the forecast models, system indicates the faster routes. The CarPlay also is improved.

Have difficulties with parking? Just update your BMW. By the latest updates BMW’s Connected Parking does not just find the parking spots and the probability of a spot being open, but also calculates the vehicles size too.

The e-drive Zones switch the car to the electric driving mode when you are in these spots. Till now, 90 European cities have this kind of places. The personal assistant is also more intelligent. Now BMW’s Assistant can understand the voice of passengers or the driver.

These items were just small number of so many options which OTA offers. This shows that the connectivity is grown so fast. But will it have any consequences? Would This high-tech offer wash the driver’s independency away? No Idea. For now, if you have an EV just let it to download.

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