BMW 3 Series Goes Worldwide, New Teaser And Coming Soon Car

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Some weeks ago, BMW has revealed the 3 series for the China market. Now, again this company teased the BMW3, but for the rest of the world. The teaser is very short, but at least confirms this car is not the same with what is in the China.

BMW group has teased new shadowed video of the latest BMW 3 Series sedan. As it is shown there it will come so soon. Actually, we are already waiting for the M3 CSL on 20th of May and also M3 Touring in June. As the i3 was debuted for China, we expect to see maybe the electric version of it for the rest of the world.

According to the previous published photos and spy shots also, the changes are summarized on the front face. The headlights are not anymore notch shaped, and no breaks in the daylight LEDs. The front fascia is smoother without notch-associated body lines.the rear look is just the same but with slight modifications on taillight and fascia design.

So, what happened to the interior? The answer is still a mystery because there is not much information about the interior look of China version. But it could be guessed an alike display wit iX model, upgraded climate control vents, and maybe a new steering wheel. Also, company confirmed new technology and software for the new 3 Series.

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