Be Part Of Artemis Mission, NASA Is Looking For The Next Astrovan

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We are all familiar with shuttle spaceships. Nasa used them for several missions out of the earth atmosphere. But what we have forgotten is the vehicles behind the science. The Astrovans are also very important. Actually, they had to carry the astronauts to the lunching place. After retirement of shuttle spaceships, Astrovan war also retired. But recently, Nasa made the announcement for new Astrovans.

As NASA is getting prepared for new missions to Moon and Mars, they need new vehicles for the new Astronauts. So, they call for new offer proposals. What are the requirements? Just enough space for eight passengers and four of them fully decked out in space suits. And also using modern technology. Its important that NASA has its prestige.

The old used Astrovan was four fully decked out in space suits. It served NASA from 1983. Before that NASA had used smaller vans with NASA logo on it. as the distance was nine-miles, it took approximately 20 minutes to take there. Using the Silver Airstream gradually became synonymous with NASA.

astrovan airstream ii

After Shuttles dead, Airstream Astrovan II unveiled in 2019 to serve Boeing commercial crew astronauts. This van is based on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with smaller capacity. It can carry just 6 passengers. But the next generation that NASA would use, is part of Artemis missions going back too Moon.

For sending proposals, even privet companies are included. Every one can send its offer to NASA for the next Astrovan. It can be related or a facelift of old versions or even a whole new designed van. The due point is Friday, October 22.

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