Amazon Comes Inside Your Cars With Infotainment Technology, Stellantis Is The Partner

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Stellantis broad its partnership with Amazon. This carmaker will deliver the Ram ProMaster EVs to Amazon, and on the other hand, amazon will assist them with the Infotainment system soft. A win-win game. They announced their partnership in the 2022 Consumer Electrics Show.

Thanks to the zero-emission policies, the number of electric vehicles is rising. Amazon also uses electric vans for its fleet. The Ram ProMaster will be the next EV for Amazon by Stellantis. This is a long-term contract that brings thousands of E-ProMasters for Amazon every year.

At the same time, Amazon will share its technology with Stellantis. The STLA SmartCockpit from the Chrysler Airflow concept will have the infotainment technology of Amazon. This system could provide different features for different aims. For example, for a family car like Chrysler Pacifica, something like a trip planner will be handy. It can offer media to listen to and highlight points of interest along the way. Or for an off-roader like Jeep, it advises on how to set up the SUV for rock crawling.

The STLA SmartCockpit software can be used for all of the screens inside the vehicle. It can take your calls, give a shortcut menu for the owner, watch video from one screen while the other one is just used by the others. This infotainment uses Amazon's smart home and security tech. Alexa comes into your car too. It can manage your vehicle by setting the in-cabin temperature or scheduling service.

This technology is available thanks to Amazon Web Services as its preferred cloud computing provider for vehicle platforms. Even later the Virtual Engineering Workbench could be the engineer’s assistant at the company.

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