All Specs Of Peugeot Watches, No Kidding

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The stylish trend of these days has a big influence on auto market too. We can see that companies are not just producing Automobiles, also they have a big variety of accessories which should go along the cars well. Today is the time for Peugeot. If you are a Peugeot fan, but don’t have enough money to have a Peugeot or you are a customer and just want to have something with Peugeot logo on it, you can try their new product, which is NOT a car.

Peugeot has now a line of hand watches of "Armand, SINCE 1810". For designing these watches, the PEUGEOT Design Lab studio in integrated. They designed the exclusive facetted case and also checked the final quality. These watches have so many details like the PEUGEOT name engraved on the back of the case, or the bracelet in braided metal or stitched leather.

Peugeot Watches

From the bestselling company of France, we don’t expect less than Rolex, okey a bit less is tolerative. As company argue, these watches are Reliable and robust, they feature a quartz movement and are water-resistant up to 50 metres. Also, you can have a name for it. Call it "Armand", as a tribute to the founder of PEUGEOT's industrial automotive adventure.


Saying any more thing about it is not so exciting, you should buy Armand for €129 or the "PEUGEOT LEGEND", the other type of brushed steel "Antic Silver" case (diameter 41 mm, patina aspect), black dial, "Camel" leather strap, for €149, then express your stylish feeling.

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