All-New BYD Song Pure Electric Launched With More Than 1200 KM Driving Range

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Recently, BYD Qin Plus has been equipped with a DM system and a super hybrid system that has been introduced on the market, which has attracted a lot of attention. Mr. Bang learned good channels that another new car, according to more BYD DM-i, is equipped with this hybrid technology, also rolled out of the wrong plant and started in mid-March. The maximum range of a pure electric cruise will get through to 110 kilometers.

BYD Song

According to the in sequence earlier announced by the BYD, a complete range of intersection of relations from the docks added to plum - and will be more than 1200 kilometers and the price before the sale is 153,800 Yuan to 175,800 Yuan.

Compared to the long-standing BYD Song advantageous models, a new Song and DM-i accepts a new draft language, and the foreground looks like an increased version of BYD Han DM. At the identical time, a new car will give a new colorful affect course with Eclipse Blue + Sky Gray interior color, which offers more choices.


When it comes to the BYD PLUS DM-i height - the piece has a length, width and height 4705/1890/1680 mm and step 2765 mm. In expressions of power, the new car has two versions with a clean life 51 kilometers or 110 kilometers. The energy system consists of invariable Xiaoyun 1.5L itself, which is a fusion plug naturally + an electric motor plug that is identical to QIN plus and is equipped with lithium-iron phosphate batteries.

BYD Song

The resistance model with 51 kilometers has an accelerator time of 8.5 seconds from 100 kilometers and fuel consumption by 4.4 liters / 100 kilometers in the loss of power. Full fuel and electricity can achieve a full range of cruises at 1150 kilometers.

With full fuel and full of power, the Full Cruise Beach can reach 1200 kilometers. When it comes to intelligent configuration, the entire Plus DM system is - and is a standard with a 12.8-inch key check screen, Difink3.0 system, exciting folding mirror, automatic opportunity closure / window locking solution, input / Start without wrench, Key Mobile NFC and other features. High-end models are also equipped with comfortable configurations, like seat heating and ventilation.

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