All-Electric Roewe Ei5 Announced With More Than 500 KM Diving Range

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I had anything to accept, perhaps the car of the first station, which most people travel now, or the only car of the station can be Roewe Ei5, this is a very special pure electric car since the beginning of 2018. With the appearance of online. Hailing, a large number of people has begun to appear on the streets, so that even those who have been completely unknown with the culture of the car would have experienced this "floating back with a little longer".

As a matter of fact, an online ignition system is the actual test of a new energy product: if there is no permanent and reliable cruise range, the long-term operation load can not be transported, and the absence of a sufficient space for riding and charging this is removed in minutes with cars. Of course, the Rowe EI5 first generation has successfully completed this difficulty quality assessment of hell. In today's content, we live the effectiveness of the new Roewe Ei5, which has been fully updated after the real experience of the car.

Roewe ei5

External & Interior

Undoubtedly, this Roewe is quite dramatic. The appearance focuses on the foreground, and there was a trend towards R family. The design of the grid was canceled and the reading style was adopted. At the same time, the capital letter "ROEWE" has replaced the Shield LOGO and also replaced the new LED, which has greatly improved the general texture of the lights; The rear has not changed too much, the transverse chromine was cut chrome, and the rear bumper also "subtracted".

The most obvious change of the site is that it has been replaced by a two-tone blade wheel cube that is visually refined. The true trigger model uses the Michelin Haoyue 3, which is also a size that does not have the previous generation of 16-inch Rowe egg. With the automobile body of the station, the total probability is more coordinated.

The interior of the Sion is also quite unique and includes an instrument board full of mosses, which is designed to filter air and regulate moisture. Within it is also a prominent inflation system and a cluster of customized digital instruments.

Roewe ei5

The improvement in the interior is obvious. A true suction machine is equipped with a 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel and a 10.25-inch central control screen. It uses a popular integration, too. furthermore, the steering wheel center is united. Sign of letters "ROEWE". Although the tape offset mechanism is still used, the central area of the new car channel is also considerably simplified, and the drivers mode and kinetic energy recovery devices are via the new Rowe Ei5 adds a very practical structure.

It is under the central channel, with an important raised storage space, which integrates the power of the 12V ports and the integrated double USB. It is also praised that under the central physical control screen, the keys of air volume / temperature/ sound volumes commonly used are always stored.

Since all functions of the central control screen have not yet been activated, such as navigation and applet have not been tested in detail, but the navigation system can be synchronized on the LCD office. In addition, a continuous machine dialogue of the Zebra Zhixing VENUS system is, if it is the recognition or reaction rate, exceptional.

Currently, the height of the Roewe Ei5 is not officially disclosed, but its internship continues many highlights of the previous model. After adapting my sitting attitude to adapt to my sitting attitude, I had three fingers on the head in the lowest position of the front seat; A blow that stays in the backroom and remains four fingers in the head. In addition, the new Roewe Ei5 is equipped with the zero gravity seat, which we have introduced before. His pillow and the backrest are designed with an ergonomically curved surface. The drive structure of the rear line can completely comply with the level of a "great sofa". Soft and fit.

Additionally, the near-flat platform in the rear row, dual USB ports, and center rear armrests / cup holders continue. Unfortunately, only from true shot models, the Roewe Ei5 is not yet equipped with rear air intakes and central headrests.

In regard to the part of the trunk, it is, without a doubt, that the Roewe Ei5 as a car of the station has the most obvious advantage over the models. of the same level, while the depth of a limousine and the height of a rear gate. The real plot auto also continues the function of 4: 6 seats. According to the official data, the maximum depth of the new Rowe can achieve 1770 mm, and the volume after the extension reaches the alternative 1367L.

As a new energy vehicle, the Roewe Ei5 is still equipped with a Non-complete replacement tire. This was continued from the old model to the new model. The replacement tire is embedded with a foam storage tool.

500 KM Driving Range

Sign, the new Roewe Ei5 battery, in the earlier generation models 2021, and has been updated by more than 5, maximum 135 kW power (184 Ps) due to the wide battery of 61.1kWh and From the Ministry of Life in the process of 420,000 older meters, it rose by 501 kilometers and supports a fast freight 80% in half an hour. In addition, in the real-time repair control of the battery life, the eggs of the eggs 5s were checked in 1% and the distortion error is checked within 5%.

Roewe ei5

It is also worth mentioning that the trickle charge interface on the body can be converted to a 220V power interface externally, which also enriches the convenient demand for more electricity for travel.

This time, the EI5 line is updated and updated this updated time, so you can say that it is a processing plot. It is closer to an concise appearance of a high-level R-Auto or a new interior design, a series of transformation that this machine goes beyond the consistency of positioning itself. Of course, with the blessing of longer, more accurate battery life, the pickup that focuses on practicality has also become more capable of reaching poetry and distance.

Now, because everything is done, it depends on how SIAC Reowe, the new Ei5 will start on the market and announced The final price. For you, do you consider this clean electric car?

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