2021 Dacia Sandero And Logan Officially Released With New Design

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Dacia, the Romanian automaker last week released some new photos of their third-generation Sandero. The time of a full album of it is not far. We can wait till end of September, but with these new photos of Sandero Stepway, a regular supermini, a hatchback crossover too. These photos are enough to get much information about them.

Dacia sandero stepway 2020

Sandero with its new design which includes the latest Renault Clio platform, could be an all-new car. Dacia paid much attention to the details but what could be seen with the bare eyes, is the platform changes. New Sandero has wider track and lower roofline. The position of the door handle is also changed. There are now lower. And what’s more, is the signature of the Romanian on the lights which is like a “Y” letter.

New Dacia Logan

A new Logan is also there, in the picture. This sedan in compare with the previous one, seems to have a bigger cargo capacity. The exact size is not mentioned by the maker. As the company said, the car has smaller greenhouse to improve the side look of the car. there are no photos of interior, but we expect that while the cars main look has changed, the dashboard design should be changed too. But a tabled-styled touchscreen in the center of the dashboard is predictable.

What can get more from the photos? The radar on the lower grille, front parking sensors, and side turn signals on the fenders like any other regular cars. By the looking at the wheels, the rear drum brakes for a car of 2020 is somehow disappointing, although there are some other cars using lower ones too, we expected a bit more.

sandero stepway 2020

Don’t forget that, Logan is not a super car or luxuries. Still, the designers consider an interesting look for headrests in the front and also a black dot on the driver’s door, could be a button for the keyless access. More sensors in this car, has the massage that Dacia is presenting more technologically advanced cars.

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