2021 Ai Chi U5 Introduced With 503 KM Of Driving Range

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The 2021 Ai Chi U5 has launched globally as an upgraded model in 5 trims available as SE, ING, ING+, PRO, and PRO+. The Chinese automaker listed 2021 model year Ai Chi U5 with a base price of 166,900 Yuan and 249,900 Yuan on the highest trim. The 2021 model year has upgraded in about 150 items inside and outside. It received an upgraded powertrain and intelligent assisted driving system.

2021 Ai Chi U5

Buyers can order theirs Ai Chi U5 in 12 different body colors that contain 6 mono-color and 6 two-tone body paint. The main colors are azure blue, glacier white, quiet night purple, star red, deep sea blue, and bright moon silver. While the overall design is simple and nice it looks like concept cars. The 2,800 mm wheelbase also shows plenty of space inside the cabin. The cabin is spacious and practical and provides a moderate level of comfort for all passengers while there is a big luggage compartment.

Ai Chi U5

Engine & Performance

The 2021 Ai Chi U5 uses a 150kW electric motor with 310 nm of torque. The power and torque figure are enough to help the crossover to hit 100 kph in 7.6 seconds. Ai Chi U5 uses a new battery pack with an energy density of 172 Wh/g. the energy consumption is only 13.8 kWh per 100 km that gives the 2021 Ai Chi U5 respective 503 km of driving range.

Ai Chi U5 also equipped with an array of intelligent driving systems like SCC supercruise, ACC full-speed adaptive cruise, APA smart parking, and other multi-scene L2+ intelligent driving functions.

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