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Novitec Ferrari 812 GTS With 829 HP & Vossen Wheels

Even if the standard car is the 2021 Ferrari 812 GTS impeccable, there always is room to improve a tuner like Novitec. Bavarian car doctors still found several ways to improve the mechanical characteristics of more biological, aerodynamic and visual attractions, while Maranello's malicious stallion does not need any type of after-sales improvements

Article April 28, 2021

How Cool Can Be This Low Toyota Supra On Bronze Vossen Wheels

The adapted examples and modified A90 Toyota Supra are a cent of a dozen. Finally, Toyota linked a pleasure between the tuners with the return of the Iconic Icon Identification Pat. But it doesn't mean all modified Supras are dotted.

News April 16, 2021

Meet This Bespoke Tuned Mercedes Benz C200 With DTM Inspired Kit & Swarovski Crystals

Mercedes-Benz C-Class generation W204 first introduced in 2007. W204 was showing a huge improvement over the previous generations of C-Class as it was known as the baby S-Class on that time

Reviews January 17, 2021

Novitec Tuned Ferrari Monza SP1 To Accelerate In 2.8 Seconds

Novitec is one of the most important tuners that are working on Ferrari cars and they introduced their latest project which is a modified Ferrari Monza SP1

News October 14, 2020

Novitec Tuning Package For McLaren GT With 3 Seconds Acceleration

Novitec is well known for its upgrade packages for supercars and now they released an aftermarket kit for McLaren GT. the kit contains visual and technical upgrades

News August 10, 2020