How Cool Can Be This Low Toyota Supra On Bronze Vossen Wheels

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The adapted examples and modified A90 Toyota Supra are a cent of a dozen. Finally, Toyota linked a pleasure between the tuners with the return of the Iconic Icon Identification Pat. But it doesn't mean all modified Supra's are dotted. Some are too much while there are some, as there are some, like the red supra on the wheels of gold Vossen, which meet the right place.

low Toyota supra on bronze vossen

This modified Toyota Supra that made our attention attentive is not the only one. You can see this silver example, too. An equipped one, with Vossen Satin Bronze fan wheels, owned by Miami Trina.

You can name it with the class, call it clean, but these Supra's looks really nice, only with a touch of moderation. It is equipped with a set of monoblock, 20 inches forged Vossen M-X6 wheels come in a satin bronze finish. With a price of 1,800 dollars up to a piece, the entire environment with the color of the very paint color leads well.

Vossen offers the M-X6 wheels in different sizes, from 19 to 24 inches in diameter and 8.5 to 13 inches wide. Here the M-X6 wheels are 9.5 inches on the front and 11 inches on the back, which are proposed by Vossen, too, and you can actually choose between 48 color options, including satin bronze here.

Toyota Supra On Bronze Vossen Wheels

However, the wheels are not the only thing that is modified here. If you have lost it, the Ducktail spoiler also received a bit of extension, while the escape of amazement was courtesy. Look around to catch this supra with the class in the metal, if you visit South Florida for some coincidence.

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