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Ford Slashes Price Of Mustang And Explorer For January

If you are looking to buy a new car, especially a new For Explorer or Mustang, now is the time. The company has put a considerable discount on the models in the market if the United States. Many auto manufacturers’ have been slashing their prices as new year’s gift to their customers

News January 12, 2021

Ford Explorer Review In The UAE Market, An American 7 Passenger SUV

In the UAE, there is a big demand for large SUVs and as we all know the market is dominated by the Toyota Land Cruiser. But it has been years that the Land Cruiser is not the only car of the segment and there are some strong rivals

Reviews January 2, 2021

Ford Explorer Review, Law Enforcement’s Choice

Since 1990, Ford started to switch from older two door Ford Bronco II to the newer Ford Explorer as its first four door SUV model. Although the first two generations were still offered

Reviews June 27, 2020