Ford Explorer Review, Law Enforcement’s Choice

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Since 1990, Ford started to switch from older two door Ford Bronco II to the newer Ford Explorer as its first four door SUV model. Although the first two generations were still offered with the two door body style as the Ford Explorer Sport but after that it fully changed into a four door SUV filling in the gap between Ford Edge and short wheelbase Ford Expedition.

Ford Explorer is now in its sixth generation production since the current year 2020. Hopefully like most other vehicles especially from SUV segments, Ford Explorer also retained its original off road capable cosmetic and mechanical setups. The sixth generation was classically offered as standard RWD (contrary to fifth generation) with AWD as an optional choice.


Engine are all from Ford’s EcoBoost family. One 2.3L Turbocharged Inline-4 rated at 300 hp and 310 lb.ft is the standard engine offered on the base and lower trim levels. An optional turbocharged EcoBoost V6 is also available with displacement of 3.0L rated at 365 hp and 380 lb.ft which is way more than enough that one would ever need.

2021 Ford Explorer

All offered engines in the sixth generation Ford Explorer are mated to one single automatic Transmission, Ford’s 10R80, to speed gearbox. AWD are also available as an option.

Where Power kicks In

That is not what ford suggests to Explorer customers. The most powerful version offered for Ford Explorer is the ST trim level which is actually the most powerful Explorer ever produced. The Ford Explorer ST is armed with the Twin-Turbo 3.0L V6 rated at 400 hp and 415 lb.ft, suitable for anyone who wants to take a part in some serious driving challenge. This performance USV also uses the same 10 speed automatic transmission as all other models does.

2021 Ford Explorer Review

The Ford Explorer Hybrid is another extra power trim level from ford. This specific model is powered by the 3.3L Cyclone V6 with 318 hp (350hp for European versions) along with 100 hp electric motor that produces combine power of 418 to 450 hp and total torque of 600 lb.ft. This massive power gets even sweeter when you realize the Hybrid version with that amount of power and torque can offer the owner the total fuel consumption 69 mpg while being capable of towing around 5512 pounds. Starting MSRP close to 53000 USD, Ford Explorer Hybrid is one of the most expensive vehicles in the hybrid SUV mix. But when compared to rivals, you cannot forget about its high range power output, highly efficient fuel economy and the roomy cabin which comes from its superior class.

Law Enforcement Alliance

This is no news that Ford helps law enforcement which their cop car fleet. It is a long term tradition that one or a couple of the best American car manufacturers’ vehicles are selected once a couple of years through out a series of seriously though test drives to serve as law enforcement fleet.

When the production of all-time favorite Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor came to an end in 2011, ford began a new prohect to replace it. The replacement came in 2013 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility along with Ford Taurus Interceptor sedan.

2021 Explorer

The law enforcement version of Ford Explorers were not for public sales, they were unique to federal service agencies only. Though they were all equipped standard with especial purpose built parts and options such as the AWD system, steel wheels, steering column mounted gear shifter, larger brake rotors, more sophisticated ABS and traction control systems and more efficient engine cooling system.

The power plant was the 3.7 V6 rated at 307 hp common with Mustang and F150 Truck but in 2014 came the good 365 hp 3.5L twin Turbo V6 common with Police Interceptor Sedan and Taurus SHO.

Ford offered the second generation Police Interceptor Utility in 2020 with both the 3.0L V6 and the 3.3L V6 hybrid version. The new platform gives more interior space (even along the battery packs of the hybrid system) and %26 better fuel economy compared to the previous generation Interceptor Utility (fifth generation Ford Explorer).

Ford Explorer Price

Considering the astonishing power output offered even in the base trim levels of Ford Explorer, there is no wonder why this model is Ford’s second best-selling vehicle in the USA. Raw power that comes in a modern, refined up-to-date look is actually introducing Ford Explorer as a performance USV which is a pleasure to everyone. Retail pricings are rather high, the low level Explorer trim starts at 32,765 USD. Although the ST trim the most powerful version of the Ford Explorer gasoline lineup, but with MSRP of 54,740 USD is a bit under top of the ladder Platinum trim with 58,250 USD.

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