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Don’t Get Dirty, BMW X7 Dirt Edition By Manhart Is Here, Enjoy The Armored Look

The big member of BMW, BMW X7, has been around sometimes. Every one is familiar with the X series of BMW. That are a group of SUVs. These Series, specially X7 is a symbol of luxury aside the convenience and more over ready to go on the road. Of course, Manhart thought this big dud is not aggressive enough to be the adventurer. The result is the BMW X7 Dirt Edition by Manhart

News December 17, 2020

Dirt 5 Is Ready To Launch On November 6th

Dirt 5 is officially launching on November 6th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC and WRC fans will definitely love it. As its trailer shows, there is an extra mode in the game that represents extracurricular modes like Rallycross and Gymkhana

News November 2, 2020