Don’t Get Dirty, BMW X7 Dirt Edition By Manhart Is Here, Enjoy The Armored Look

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The big member of BMW, BMW X7, has been around sometimes. Every one is familiar with the X series of BMW. That are a group of SUVs. These Series, specially X7 is a symbol of luxury aside the convenience and more over ready to go on the road. Of course, Manhart thought this big dud is not aggressive enough to be the adventurer. The result is the BMW X7 Dirt Edition by Manhart.

In fact, nowadays having an off roader to explore the earth is on trend. BMW X7 is one of the cars, can please its owners. The regular big grille of BMW is so in sight also. Huge front look stops you to look at the rear of it. Manhart by its new edition tried to convince the costumers to use their SUV not just on asphalt. But it is really hard to drop this gentleman in muddy hollow.

Manhart Dirt edition on BMW X7

Exterior Look Of Armored BMW X7 Dirt Edition

Manhart has done some art work on the face of this car. the matte black color and also armored body are the Manhart’s Ideas. They also added some fake rivets on the body too fool the eyes. They have pushed up the car for about 4 centimeters. By higher ground clearance, the 20-inch Black Rhino wheels can go along the car very well. The new Wheel is a chunky 305/50 R20. By these new wheels, you can try dipper Muddy pits.

BMW X7 manhart Dirt Edition

More Power For BMW X7 Dirt Edition

Manhart has done some modifications inside the hood too. The BMW X7 engine at its company standards can produce 523 hp of power and also deliver 750 Nm torque to the wheels. But the Dirt edition has 641 hp output. The torque has increased to 920 Nm too. All this power come out of a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine.

For Manhart, it wasn’t the first BMW they had worked on. The X6 was other member of Dirt edition. For this BMW X7, Manhart has guaranteed an ease navigation through very stony or muddy terrain. But every thing depends on the customers of this Big SUV.

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