Wonder How The Future Taxis Would Look Like? Take A Look At Zoox’s New Car

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Zoox is an American company which makes autonomous vehicles. A few months ago, it was bought by Amazon and now it has designed a fully functional electric autonomous taxi. It was founded in 2014 and to reinvent transportation, it got help from artificial intelligence, robotics and sustainable energy. Zoox wants future to be clean, safe and fun.

Zoox is a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc. and has revealed this very interesting looking car. According to the company itself, the taxi is specifically designed for urban and dense areas.

Design and specs

The new autonomous robotaxi’s cabin and the seat arrangement resembles a carriage. Up to four passengers can seat inside, face to face. You can see no steering wheel because there is no driver.

The top speed hits 121 km/h and it is somehow equipped with a four-wheel drive steering system. This compact taxi is 12 feet long and does not need to reverse while changing directions.

Zoox's cabin

Zoox’s robotaxi is powered by a 133 kWh battery pack and it is capable of working 16 hours (non-stop) on a single charge. This is the capacity of the best electric vehicles present in the market.

According to the company, this driverless taxi has almost 100 different safety features. Normal cars do not have most of them. The safety features include an envelope airbag, a five-star crash safety rating for all the carriage seats as well as cameras, radar and a LIDAR which has a 270 degree filed if view and eliminates the blind spots.

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