Will You Pay Near $100k To 1979 BMW 633 CSi

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If you are thinking about buying a classic BMW there is a BMW 633 CSi on sale right now in Germany.

The car pictured is the first generation of the BMW 6-Series with code name E-24. this 2-door coupe model was on the Bavarian automaker’s production line from 1976 to 1989.

1979 BMW 633 CSi

The car on sale is a 1979 model and was restored in 2015. It has just 1645 km on the clock which makes it a very low mile version. Not only it is a low mileage but actually the 6-Series is in very good condition. There is no sign of wear or break on the paint job.

Under the bonnet of the BMW 633 CSi there is a 3.2-liter straight-six engine with 194 hp and 280 NM of torque.

You can get this car from Sportwagen Teiber in Germany by paying $97,000.

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