What Does The Redesigned Nissan Interstar Has To Offer?

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Nissan is poised to unveil its revamped Nissan Interstar in Europe later this year, promising a fresh and dynamic aesthetic with a myriad of enhanced features. The cornerstone of this redesign lies in its striking new facade, characterized by a broad grille flanked by sleek C-shaped lighting units, signaling a departure from its predecessors. While the overall design retains its familiar boxy silhouette, subtle yet impactful updates are evident, including a modernized greenhouse, robust plastic body cladding, and vertically oriented taillights, collectively contributing to a contemporary and refined appearance.

Nissan Interstar

A significant advancement comes in the form of improved aerodynamics, with Nissan boasting class-leading efficiency and a remarkable 20% reduction in drag. This optimization not only enhances fuel efficiency across traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) variants but also extends the range for the all-new electric vehicle (EV) iteration.

In terms of dimensions, Nissan has amplified functionality, enlarging the side door by 40 mm and extending the load area by 100 mm, offering increased versatility for various cargo needs. Furthermore, the company promises a diverse array of factory-built conversions, encompassing Tipper, Dropside, and Box Van configurations. ICE variants are projected to deliver impressive towing capabilities of 2,500 kg alongside a robust payload capacity nearing 2,000 kg, catering to a spectrum of commercial requirements.

While specifics regarding the interior remain somewhat elusive, glimpses reveal a semblance to its French counterpart, albeit with subtle refinements such as a refreshed steering wheel and augmented metallic accents. Noteworthy additions include durable seat covers, complemented by amenities like a heated windshield and seats, underscoring Nissan's commitment to driver comfort and convenience.

Nissan Interstar interior

The highlight of the lineup undoubtedly lies in the introduction of the all-new Interstar-e, a fully electric variant equipped with an 87 kWh battery pack, propelling it to an impressive range exceeding 460 km. Notably designed for urban environments, it also offers a smaller 40 kWh battery option, enhancing affordability albeit with a reduced range of approximately 200 km. Rapid charging capabilities enable the Interstar-e to attain up to 252 km of range with just a 30-minute charge, ensuring uninterrupted operations for urban fleets.

In addition to its electrified offering, Nissan will also introduce a 2.0-liter turbodiesel variant, paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission to deliver class-leading fuel efficiency. Despite limited details, this option reinforces Nissan's commitment to providing diverse powertrain choices tailored to varying customer needs.

2024 Nissan Interstar

Looking ahead, Nissan promises further insights into the Interstar's capabilities in the coming months, emphasizing notable improvements in maneuverability with a reduced turning diameter by 1.5 meters. Furthermore, a suite of advanced driver assistance systems, including Forward Emergency Braking, Drowsiness Warning, Trailer Sway Assist, and Tire Pressure Monitoring, underscores Nissan's dedication to safety and innovation in the commercial vehicle segment.

Nissan Interstar VAN

In summary, the forthcoming Nissan Interstar embodies a harmonious blend of aesthetic refinement, technological innovation, and practical utility, poised to set new benchmarks in the European commercial vehicle market.

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