Voyah Zhiyin Is An EV Built In Nissan’s Factory

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Voyah, a high-end New Energy Vehicle (NEV) brand under Dongfeng, has reported significant progress in the Chinese automotive market. In the first five months of 2024, Voyah delivered 24,868 cars in China. However, when compared to its competitor Li Auto, which delivered over 31,000 cars in January 2024 alone, Voyah's figures highlight room for growth. To boost its sales, Voyah is planning to introduce a more affordable model. Currently, Voyah's lineup includes the Free SUV, Dream MPV, and Passion (Zhuiguang) sedan.

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The upcoming Voyah Zhiyin electric SUV, boasting a remarkable range of up to 901 kilometers, is set to be assembled at the Dongfeng Nissan plant in Wuhan. This plant also manufactures the Nissan Ariya EV, showcasing its versatility in handling multiple brands. The Zhiyin EV will be Voyah's fourth model and is anticipated to be the most affordable in its lineup as the brand aims to increase its sales volume by offering a more budget-friendly option. It is noteworthy that this plant, although branded as a Nissan factory, also assembles various models under the Dongfeng umbrella, reflecting a common strategy for this state-owned enterprise. Similar practices are observed at the Zhengzhou Nissan plant, which produces Venucia vehicles alongside Nissan models.

The Zhiyin is a mid-size crossover developed in collaboration with Huawei, featuring dimensions of 4725/1900/1636 mm and a wheelbase of 2900 mm. These measurements make it comparable in size to the Tesla Model Y. The top-tier version of the Zhiyin will be equipped with a 109-kWh ternary NMC battery pack from CATL, enabling the single-motor variant to achieve a range of up to 901 kilometers on a single charge, as per the CLTC cycle. Additionally, regulatory filings indicate that the Zhiyin will offer LFP battery options. The single-motor version of the Zhiyin will provide two power output choices: 288 hp or 308 hp, while the 4WD variant will deliver a peak power of 523 hp.

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The Voyah Zhiyin will be integrated with the Huawei Qiankun system and HarmonyOS technology, ensuring a state-of-the-art user experience. This highly anticipated model is scheduled to enter the market in the fourth quarter of this year, with an expected starting price of approximately $27,550.

By moving downmarket with the Zhiyin, Voyah aims to attract a broader customer base and enhance its market presence. This strategy reflects a significant shift as Voyah seeks to compete more aggressively in the growing NEV sector, leveraging advanced technology partnerships and cost-effective manufacturing practices to offer a compelling new product to consumers.

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