Volkswagen ID. Buzz AD Prototype

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Volkswagen unveiled the ID. Buzz at a preview event at the Munich Motor Show. The commercial version is still not ready, but we do know that it is being developed together by Argo AI and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and that the model is based on the much-anticipated ID. Buzz is equipped with cameras, radar, and lidar sensors to offer a 360-degree picture of its surroundings.

Despite the fact that the EV is still fully disguised, the wrap is so thin that it doesn't cover much, and the black tape on the headlights and taillights leaves nothing to the imagination.

As you can see, the vehicle is far less vintage, with regular door handles and mirrors. The prototype also has a new greenhouse, pronounced wheel arches, and less daring styling.

The ID. Buzz is equipped with cutting-edge autonomous driving technology. Notice the abundance of sensors and cameras strewn over the car, allowing the prototype to identify objects more than 400 meters ahead.

The big LIDAR scanner on the roof offers a 360-degree view and is supplemented by six smaller LIDAR scanners, 11 radar panels, cameras, and even microphones.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz

The integrated software is intelligent enough to anticipate the behaviors of bicycles, walkers, and even automobiles in order to alter the ID. Buzz's conduct should reflect this, and he should drive as if he were a person. The ID. Buzz AD is now being tested in metropolitan areas and will be ready for commercial mobility service in 2025.

The electric van, which lacks advanced autonomous technology, will be on sale in Europe late next year, with a six-seat passenger variant, a cargo layout, and a choice between short and long wheelbases. The ID. Buzz will be available in the United States as a long-wheelbase passenger vehicle beginning in 2023.

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