Vita, Morte, Sogno, And Tempo Are The Special Edition Of Lamborghini Huracan Evo For 10 Years In Mexico

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It has been 10 years that Lamborghini is in Mexico. Now this Italian automaker as a part of the celebration for the tenth anniversary in the Mexico, introduces four special edition versions of Huracan, by a good consideration of this countries culture. Full of colors and happiness.

These editions are done by the Mexico site, Grand Chelem and also, the Lamborghini’s exclusive customization program at the studio in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Ad Personam. One is very significant by this anniversary, is the number of colors which covers the Mexican culture, Vita (Life), Morte (Death), Sogno (Dream), and Tempo (Time). Every car will have the sign of the celebratory plaque symbolizing on the firewall.

Starting with life, the Vita, which is the flagship of these editions. It has a very unique shade of Verde Ermes (green) and Oro Elios (gold) accents. Inside, is designed with the gold accent which is some how the reflect of the sun on trims and stitching. It also says, life is about freedom and successes. Enjoy it!

2021 lamborghini huracan evo special edition in mexico

The Morte, is just vise versa. It has the skull symbol with the Blu Astraeus (blue) color on the exterior with Bronzo Serse design accents. This combination is used for the interior on the seats and stitching.

2021 lamborghini huracan evo special edition in mexico

If you are Dreamy, use the Sogno. It has a Blu Symi (light blue) exterior with Oro Elios (gold) highlights. Comparing with other edition, this one has many other changes. The colors, are the sign of the mythical-like creatures seen in Mexican folk art, which explains the two-headed dragon emblem. Inside the car also has a two-tone theme with white accents and gold stitching.

2021 lamborghini huracan evo special edition in mexico

And the last edition is Tempo, reflecting ten years by the Mexico. The symbol of it is a snake plaque, a representative of the reinvention of oneself by the shedding of skin. Special color for it is also Nero Nemesis (black) exterior is accentuated with Bronzo Serse underlines.

2021 lamborghini huracan evo special edition in mexico

Good for Mexicans who can have their special editions. Happy anniversary to Lamborghini.

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