Unveiling Future Models: BYD Qin L and Geely Galaxy Set to Introduce Cutting-Edge Hybrid Systems

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During the 2023 financial report investor's communication meeting, BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu unveiled plans for the launch of the fifth generation DM-i technology in May. This advancement promises a significant reduction in fuel consumption to an impressive 2.9 liters per 100 kilometers, alongside an extended range of 2000 kilometers on a full charge and fuel. The term "DM" stands for dual mode, denoting BYD's plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) technology, which made its debut with the F3-DM model back in 2008.


The forthcoming BYD Qin L model will serve as the pioneer vehicle to incorporate this cutting-edge generation system. However, it's noteworthy that the most favorable fuel consumption figure for this car stands at 3.8 l/100km. Achieving consumption levels below three liters appears to hinge on the introduction of smaller vehicle models, as the relatively large Qin L may not readily attain such efficiency. While Fast Technology speculates that the smaller Qin Plus model might approach this target, it seems improbable given the limited variance in size.

In parallel, insiders from Geely suggest that the forthcoming generation of the Thor PHEV system will debut this year, boasting similar capabilities to BYD's offering with a 2000 km range and fuel consumption under 3 liters per 100 km. A crucial factor in achieving this sub-three-liter benchmark for Geely's Thor system lies in the introduction of a new engine, reportedly set to become the most thermally efficient engine in production, boasting an efficiency rating of 46%. By comparison, the current Thor system, as utilized in vehicles like the Geely Galaxy L6, features a 1.5T Thor electric hybrid 8848 system with a petrol engine thermal efficiency of 44.26%. In its current configuration, the Galaxy L6 achieves fuel consumption of 4.55 l/100km, delivering a maximum combined range of 1370 km based on China's CLTC testing protocol.

Geely Galaxy

The anticipated debut of the new Thor PHEV system may coincide with the introduction of a new Geely Galaxy model later this year. Reports suggest that three new models are slated for launch in the coming year, including the compact E5 all-electric SUV, a mid-size all-electric SUV, and a mid-size PHEV SUV. It's anticipated that the latter will be named the Galaxy L5 and will be propelled by the new Thor system, with a projected price below 200,000 yuan ($27,650).

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