Uber Is More Harmful Than Privet Cars, Researchers Claimed

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In the last decade preserving environment became important to the government. Every one is looking for a solution for the greenhouse gases, air pollution, global warming. The part that is directly connected to the automotive industry air cars and vehicles. We see companies are switching to electric cars or green fuels. Even we are promoted to use not personal cars, but this last solution seems to be not too much practical.

We can see the restrict regulation for the harmful emissions now. to keep the air pollution low, we did much. But the new way that we think it’s a better way than using our privet cars, the ride-hailing services from transportation network companies (TNCs), didn’t help at all.

By the study at Carnegie Mellon University, the relations among TNC services and air pollution, greenhouse gas, and traffic externality are examined. It was done by simulate condition of TNCs instead of privet vehicles in six US cities.

It is proved, that the time Uber or Lyft takes to find a reach to the next rider, increases the vehicle travel and that means more fuel consumption and mor air pollution. That is called “Deadheading” . the result is 20 percent of more fuel consumption and more greenhouse gas emission, and also 60 percent increase in external costs from congestion, crashes, and noise. That shows this type of travel is three times more expensive than using public transportation.

But there is also solution to this issue. If the TNC cars become newer, low-emitting vehicles and avoided cold starts, the air pollution can be decreased by 60 percent. And if the vehicles become all electric, another 16 to 17 percent we can add to our calculations.

It is not forgotten that EVs their selves make pollution, and cars are not the only reason for the air disasters, but the other means of transportation should be examined too.

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