Toyota GR Yaris, Wears The Rocket Bunny’s Outfit

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Toyota Yaris, a compact car from Japan. But when this car goes with the Rocket Bunny’s Body kit, transforms to a weird monster. Rocket Bunny, the famous out body kits maker, with a aggressive changes on the Toyota GR Yaris, specially changes in fenders, gave the car, a real look of World Rally Champion. Seeing such a modification has its own leisure. Let’s have a quicker survey.

As we see, there are big holes in the front end to let the airflow enters to the intercooler, undisturbed. The intercoolers are also so huge. Two canards rise at the angle at cords of the car and join to the splitter at the we move to the sides; the fenders are yet notable. But don’t be expected to see inlets at the back. The primary reason could be for back cooling.

Don’t miss the large wing. As it is big, and seems to be designed to endure large forces, it needs extra supports which is by attaching it to the lower deck was obtained. The bumpers have big holes for the outlet gases. The rare of the car is also extended.


GR Yaris without any modifications has a good performance rank. It has a 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine with 257-hp (192-kW) output power in European trim or 268 hp (200 kW) for Japan. Both trims use a six-speed manual with all-wheel drive and a Torsion limited-slip differential on each axle. With this setup, Yaris can in just 5.5 seconds reach the 62 mile per hour speed. The company has limited its top speed to 143 mph.

Rocket Bunny kit, is a real face off for Toyota Yaris. If you find the changes so extreme, check the other modifications. Toyota Gazoo has a milder option for Toyota GR Yaris. By the Gazoo design, vehicle keeps the regular face of a car just a big mesh grille is in sight. And two big pipes which coming out of the back of car. it seems that they are for exhaust gases.

By the way, which attracts me really in this new body kit, is the back wing of it. That is very impressive and it is obvious with a wing not just the steering control would be easier, the car would be more stable too.

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